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Exploring the strength and versatility of aluminum foam sandwich structures

May 6, 2024|

Aluminum foam sandwich structures are a revolutionary material that is gaining traction in various industries due to its exceptional strength, lightness and versatility. But what exactly is an aluminum foam sandwich? Why has it become a popular choice for many applications? An aluminum foam sandwich is a composite material consisting [...]

The Role of Closed Cell Aluminum Foam in Enhancing Vehicle Safety and Performance

September 13, 2023|

The automotive industry is continuously on the lookout for innovative materials to enhance vehicle safety and performance. One material emerging at the forefront is closed cell aluminum foam, a specialty of Our company that excels in manufacturing various metal foams, including aluminum, iron, nickel, and copper foams, offering unparalleled advantages [...]

Catalyst Carriers and Electromagnetic Shielding Materials for Nickel Foam Batteries

August 8, 2023|

Nickel foam batteries are a new type of battery technology in which catalyst carriers and electromagnetic shielding materials play an important role. 1. Catalyst carriers: In nickel foam batteries, catalyst carriers are used to enhance the efficiency of electrochemical reactions. Common catalyst carrier materials include carbon materials (e.g., carbon nanotubes, [...]

Does the Process of Manufacturing Foam Metal Have an Impact on the Environment

July 27, 2023|

The manufacturing process of foamed metals may have some impact on the environment, but the extent of the impact depends on the specific manufacturing process and the implementation of environmental protection measures. Firstly, the manufacturing process of foamed metal involves the consumption of some energy, such as electricity and fuel, [...]

Why Are More and More Car Manufacturers Choosing to Use Aluminum Foam

July 4, 2023|

If a metal material is lightweight and can absorb energy, it will definitely attract the hot eyes of automobile manufacturers. Spherical porous aluminum - also known as aluminum foam - is such a "treasure" in the eyes of automobile manufacturers. Former U.S. President Barack Obama's car "Army One", known for [...]

Do You Know Why the Development of Aluminum Foam Is so Fast

July 4, 2023|

Why is the development of aluminum foam so fast? It is because the advantages of aluminum foam are numerous, for example, the density is 0.1-0.4 times of metal aluminum; its flexural specific stiffness is 1.5 times of steel; the damping performance is 5-10 times of metal aluminum. Aluminum foam with [...]

What Are the Factors That Have an Impact on the Performance of Acoustic Porous Materials

June 12, 2023|

The thickness of the acoustic porous material performance has an impact. Different thickness of glass wool sound absorption coefficient. The same material, the thickness doubled, the good frequency of sound absorption to the low-frequency direction to move about an octave. The greater the thickness, the greater the low-frequency absorption coefficient. [...]

Do You Know the Application of Aluminum Foam in the Automotive Industry

May 29, 2023|

Advantages of aluminum foam cushioning energy-absorbing material: ① lower yield strength, which can be deformed at a smaller compressive stress; ②With a wide compressive stress-strain curve. (ii) a wide stress plateau in the compressive stress-strain curve, which allows continuous energy absorption through deformation at almost constant stress; ③capable of achieving [...]

Do You Know Why Pre-Treatment Is Necessary for Nickel Foam

May 11, 2023|

Nickel foam is a kind of material used to make battery electrodes. The production process of common nickel foam material is: first conductive polyurethane sponge, then electrodeposition, and finally sintering. In the above steps, the conductive treatment generally includes chemical plating, coating conductive gel, vacuum plating three ways; electrodeposition can [...]

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