Noise Barrier Specification

What is a Noise Barrier

Noise barriers are one of the ways to alleviate noise, as well as the most effective way to alleviate noise from roads, railways and industrial noise sources. Most of them are used for roads, and noise barriers are also placed outside the construction sites to reduce the nuisance of noise and dust to pedestrians or nearby.


Noise Barrier Specification

Item Name Specification Surface Finishing
“H” Post 125*125*3500mm High Temperature Electrostatic Spraying
Base 300*300*16mm
Top With Fold Angle
Metal Sound Absorption Panel 1960*500*100mm
Cover And Back Boards With 1.0mm Galvanized Sheet
Inside Fill Up With 48K Fiberglass Wool
PET Film
Damping And Soundproof Felt
Surface With Louver Holes

Noise Barrier Application Demonstration

Noise Barrier top

Noise Barrier Features

  • Easy to install: Modular design, flexible, quick and easy installation and removal.
  • High sound absorption: Especially good noise reduction effect.
  • High-intensity: The structure design is based on different climate conditions and wind load. Sheet is punched on the full automatic production line to increase the intensity.
  • Weather resistance: Galvanized or stainless steel noise barrier can resist to the weather, corrosion and acid.
  • Durable and long life: It has various materials and different surface treatment, it is long life and durable.
  • Colorful: Variety colors and shapes can be chosen.

Noise Barrier Package&Shipment

Package 2
Package 3
Package 4
Package 6
Package 1
  • Packing is PE film.
  • 100% test before delivering goods.
  • Tracking number will be sent to you as soon as we ship the products.
  • Our sales team is able to arrange the shipment that you need for you.
  • Express delivery, Air transportation or Ocean shipping are acceptable according to the demand.
  • Item shipped in about 30 working days against payment depends on the quantity.

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