Metal Foam with Open-Cell & Closed-Cell, Biggest Size 2400x800mm

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BEIHAI Composite Foam Metal

BEIHAI Composite Materials Group is a big group which has over 2300 workers with 6 different factories. We are special for producing different building materials for over 26 years.

We are the first company in China who has set up own factory producing AFP(Aluminum Foam Panel).We have a group of technical core who have high technique and many years’ actual working experience.

BEIHAI AFP dept.is a company of specialization integrating material of foam metal and researching and developing, producing, running of related product, application engineering of the product and related technical service into one.The main product of BEIHAI AFP is Aluminum Foam Panel, and now the company owns the proprietary intellectual property rights in producing , making and application of foam aluminum.

Closed Cell Aluminum Foam Panel

As the Aluminum Foam products with light weight, high sound absorption, high shock absorption, high absorption of impact energy, high electromagnetic shielding performance, excellent heat insulation, high temperature, fire resistance, with unique environmental friendliness and other special properties.

Closed Cell Aluminum Foam Panel with AL Sheet

It can be used in the following sites to eliminate sound and to stop noise: pipeline silencers, head mufflers, plenum chambers, purification workshops, food-producing workshops, pharmaceutical factories, manufacturing shops of precise instrument, laboratories, wards and operating rooms, canteens, boats and passenger compartments, cabins, air-conditioning and ventilation equipment.

Closed-Cell Aluminum Foam With Punched Holes

In order to reach best sound absorption effect in outdoor, highway, railway, etc., we have developed a special processed AFP . We punch holes regularly on the AFP as a proportion of 3%. This special AFP has greatly improved sound absorption capacity.

Open Cell Aluminum Foam Panel

The production process of open-celled aluminum foam is to melt the aluminum, aluminum-silicon or aluminum-magnesium which is melted, and then to be molded by die-casting.Open cell AFP is sound absorbing, ventilated, fireproof, ultralight 100% eco-friendly & recyclable, etc.

Copper Foam

Copper Foam has been widely used as the preparation of the battery negative carrier material, electrode substrate of lithium ion battery or fuel, cellcatalyst carrier and electromagnetic shielding materials. Especially copper foam is the base material used as an electrode of the battery, with some obvious advantages.

Nickel Foam

Porous metal foam is a new type of porous structure metal material with a certain number and size pore size and a certain porosity. The material has the characteristics of small bulk density, large specific surface area, good energy absorption, high specific strength and specific rigidity.

Over 12 Years Production Experience
236 Workers
Factory Area 40,000 Square Meters
Output 1.8 Million/year

Do You Know Why Pre-Treatment Is Necessary for Nickel Foam

May 11, 2023|

Nickel foam is a kind of material used to make battery electrodes. The production process of common nickel foam material is: first conductive polyurethane sponge, then electrodeposition, and finally sintering. In the above steps, the conductive treatment generally includes chemical plating, coating conductive gel, vacuum plating three ways; electrodeposition can [...]

What Is Copper Foam What Are the Six Major Applications of Copper Foam

April 25, 2023|

Copper foam is a new multifunctional material with a large number of connected or unconnected holes uniformly distributed on a copper substrate. Copper foam has good electrical conductivity and ductility, low preparation cost and good electrical conductivity compared with nickel foam, and can be used to prepare battery negative electrode [...]

2023 Application Prospects and Future Space Forecast of Foam Metal

April 18, 2023|

Metal foam is a special metal material containing foam pores. Through its unique structural characteristics, foam metal has a series of good advantages such as low density, good thermal insulation, good sound insulation and the ability to absorb electromagnetic waves, etc. It is a new type of material that has [...]

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