Nickel Foam

Nickel Foam

Porous metal foam is a new type of porous structure metal material with a certain number and size pore size and a certain porosity. The material has the characteristics of small bulk density, large specific surface area, good energy absorption, high specific strength and specific rigidity. The through-hole body has strong heat exchange and heat dissipation capabilities, good sound absorption performance, and excellent permeability and permeability.

Foam metal with different parameters and indicators can be adapted to a variety of different functional and structural uses, and can have both functional and structural attributes.


Nickel Foam Product Feature

  • Nickel foam has excellent thermal conductivity, thermal heat can be widely used in electrical / electrical and electronic components.
  • Nickel foam because of its excellent electrical conductivity, and its application in the electrode material nickel-zinc batteries and electric double layer capacitor is also the industry ‘s attention is being.
  • Due to the structure and properties of copper foam harmless to human basic characteristics of copper foam is an excellent medicine and water purification filter material filter material.

Nickel Foam Product Specification

Continuous Nickel Foam
Purity ≥ 99%
Porosity ≥ 95%
Pore Size 75PPI to 130PPI
Thickness (0.5 to 2.5) ± 0.05 mm
Areal density (280 to 1500)±30g/m2
Tensile Strength Longitudinal ≥ 1.25N/mm2 Transverse≥ 1.00N/mm2
Elongation Longitudinal≥ 5% Horizontal ≥ 12%
Maximum width 930mm
Nickel Foam Sheet
Pore Size 5PPI to 80PPI
Density 0.15g/cm3 to 0.45g/cm3
Porosity 90% to 98%
Thickness 5mm to 20mm
Maximum Width 500mm x 1000mm

Packing Details

Nickel foam panel products are generally packed in carton or wooden boxes.


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