Project & Application Potentials


1.Automotive, Aviation and Railway Industry.

The lightweight aluminum structure, energy absorption and noise control superior performance, so that it has a wide range of applications in the automotive and transportation industries.


2.Engineering and Construction Industry.

It can be used as sound absorbing materials in railway tunnels, under highway bridges or inside outside of building due to their excellent acoustic insulation.


3.Architectural and Design Industry.

It can be used as decorative panels on walls and ceilings, giving a unique appearance having a metallic lustre.


4.To Control Reverberation Time Effectively.

It can be used in the following places to control reverberation time effectively: libraries, meeting-rooms, theatres, studios, KTV, stadiums, natatoriums, subway stations, waiting rooms, hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, show rooms, wireless houses, computer houses and so on.


5.To Prevent EMP Effects Caused by Nuclear Radiation.

It can be used in the following occasions such as computer houses of telecom, electronic instruments, broadcasting and television and so on, for foam aluminum has excellent electromagnetic shielding function and can prevent EMP effects caused by nuclear radiation.


6.To Eliminate Sound and to Stop Noise.

It can be used in the following sites to eliminate sound and to stop noise: pipeline silencers, hend mufflers, plenum chambers, purification workshops, food-producing workshops, pharmaceutical factories, manufacturing shops of precise instrument, laboratories, wards and operating rooms, canteens, boats and passenger compartments, cabins, air-conditioning and ventilation equipment.

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