Translucent Aluminum Foam

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Translucent Aluminum Foam

Translucent Aluminum Foam panel is extremely lightweight and allows light to pass through.Also known as decorative panels.
A unique and visually stunning surface material that is more than skin deep
Provides beauty, strength and lightweight acoustic solutions for a variety of creative opportunities.Its metallic luster combined with a variety of finishes is one of a kind worldwide.
It has been widely used in many fields like:Exterior Wall Cladding,Interior Wall Cladding,Ceiling Tiles,Restaurants & Bars, Offices and Apartment Buildings,Showroom Displays, ect.


Product Features

  • Heat insulation, high temperature resistance, no mold
  • Ultra-light/low weight &100% recyclable
  • Product does not collect dust, and bugs do not nest in aluminum foam (spiders, bees etc)
  • Impact resistant, quality assurance, easy to move, easy installation

Product Specifications

Density 0.25g/cm³~0.35g/cm³
Product size 2400*800*3mm,2000*1000*5mm


It can be used in the following places: gallery, bar, cafe, museum of art and so on.can be utilized for both interior and exterior applications.


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