Copper Foam

Copper Foam

Copper Foam has been widely used as the preparation of the battery negative carrier material, electrode substrate of lithium ion battery or fuel, cellcatalyst carrier and electromagnetic shielding materials. Especially copper foam is the base material used as an electrode of the battery, with some obvious advantages.


Copper Foam Product Feature

  • Copper foam has excellent thermal properties, can be widely used in motor/electrical and electronic components of the heat conduction radiation.
  • Copper foam because of its excellent electrical conductivity, its nickel-zinc battery and application of electrode materials for electric double-layer capacitor is also affected by the industry’s attention.
  • Due to the copper foam structure characteristics and harmless to the human body characteristics, filtering materials of copper foam is an excellent medicine and water purification filter material.

Copper Foam Product Specification

Copper Foam Sheet
Pore Size 5PPI to 80PPI
Density 0.25g/m3 to 1.00g/cm3
Porosity 90% to 98%
Thickness 5mm to 30mm
Maximum width 500mm x 1000mm
Component Content
Element Cu Ni Fe S C Si
Guideline(ppm) Balance 0.5~5% ≤100 ≤80 ≤100 ≤50
Copper Foam
Copper Foam 2

Copper Foam Application Areas

  • Chemical Engineering Field: catalyst and its carrier, filter medium, medium in separator.
  • Industrial Thermal Engineering: damping materials, high-efficiency thermal conductive materials, industrial filtration materials, high-grade decorative materials.
  • Functional Materials: Silencer, Vibration absorption, Buffer electromagnetic shielding, stealth technology, flame retardant, thermal insulation, etc.
  • Battery Electrode Material: It is applied to battery electrode frame materials such as nickel-zinc, nickel-hydrogen battery and electric double layer capacitor.
  • Lightweight: Lightweight vehicles, lighter weight of ships, and lighter buildings.
  • Buffering material: Pressure reducing device for pressure gauge.
Copper Foam 3

Packing Details

Copper foam panel products are generally packed in carton or wooden boxes.


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