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Metal foam has many advantages, what are its production methods

August 26, 2022|

Speaking of metal foam, a new type of metal material, perhaps most people are not clear about its uses and characteristics. In fact, the structure of metal foam is not as magical as imagined. It is mainly composed of metal scaffolds formed by countless unit cells in an irregular manner. [...]

Automobile train sound-absorbing and noise-reducing metal foam material

August 22, 2022|

In the automotive industry, aluminum foam is mainly used for shock-resistance buffering of the car body and noise reduction and heat insulation of the car body and partition walls. Through-cell metal foam is a specially processed high-permeability porous material with a sponge-like porous structure from the inside out. The entry [...]

Copper Foam Suppliers-Copper foam 20PPI, 95% purity, thickness 12.5mm, cut to donut shape OD 40mm, ID 7mm

August 12, 2022|

Copper foam 20PPI, >95% purity, thickness 12.5mm, cut to donut shape OD 40mm, ID 7mm This product to do phase change material research. Copper foam 10PPI,External diameter= 210mm Throughout centerhole d = 171mm Each arc is ¼ of the original drawing Foam thickness 25 mm 10PPI,External diameter= 29.4mm Throughout centerhole d = 4 mm Throughout latera hole d = 3.2 ± 0.1 mm Distance between holes center z = 7.5 mm Foam thickness 25 mm The foam is an element that we use in chemical reactors to improve heat transfer. It has high air permeability, almost all connected pores, large specific surface area of ​​pores, and small bulk density of materials. Metal foam is used in the manufacture of purification, filtration, catalytic supports, electrodes and other devices in petrochemical, aerospace, and environmental protection. Compared [...]

A new type of metal foam heat pipe radiator

August 12, 2022|

A novel metal foam heat pipe radiator includes a radiator body and more than one heat pipe, the heat pipe is arranged on the radiator body, and also includes foam metal, and the metal foam is arranged on the outer wall of the heat pipe. The utility model adopts metal [...]

Metal foam material to manufacture graphics card CPU cooler

August 3, 2022|

With the continuous improvement of the integration of computer accessories, the status of heat dissipation is becoming more and more important. A chip the size of a fingernail integrates as many as ten million transistors. The quality of heat dissipation will directly affect its working conditions. Therefore, the use of [...]

Simulation Flexible Aluminum Foam for, Architectural decoration, sound insulation and noise reduction

August 3, 2022|

Products Description Modified inorganic powder composite building flexible decorative sheet product is a kind of flexible, thin and light, which is made of water-soluble high molecular polymer as surface material, high molecular polymer and inorganic filler as bottom layer, and is automatically composited. Flexible sheet, the thickness of the sheet [...]

Metal foam high specific surface area infrared catalytic combustion panel

August 3, 2022|

Catalytic combustion is a complete oxidation reaction of fuel on the surface of the catalyst. During the catalytic combustion reaction, the reactants form low-energy surface free radicals on the surface of the catalyst, generate vibrationally excited products, and release energy in the form of infrared radiation; when the reaction is [...]

Aluminum foam used in truck anti-collision energy absorption system

July 21, 2022|

As we all know, materials such as sponge, foamed plastic, rubber and wood are often chosen as cushioning and anti-collision materials in real life. As one of the porous metal materials, what are the advantages of its energy absorption and buffering? In layman's terms, each energy-absorbing and buffering material has [...]

Metal foam vapor chamber heat exchange material

July 20, 2022|

The heat dissipation of the vacuum vapor chamber is a relatively new heat dissipation method. The vacuum vapor chamber can be regarded as developed on the basis of the heat pipe. Although the heat pipe can help the heat to be exported faster, the heat pipe will inevitably lead to [...]

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