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What Is Copper Foam What Are the Six Major Applications of Copper Foam

April 25, 2023|

Copper foam is a new multifunctional material with a large number of connected or unconnected holes uniformly distributed on a copper substrate. Copper foam has good electrical conductivity and ductility, low preparation cost and good electrical conductivity compared with nickel foam, and can be used to prepare battery negative electrode [...]

2023 Application Prospects and Future Space Forecast of Foam Metal

April 18, 2023|

Metal foam is a special metal material containing foam pores. Through its unique structural characteristics, foam metal has a series of good advantages such as low density, good thermal insulation, good sound insulation and the ability to absorb electromagnetic waves, etc. It is a new type of material that has [...]

Application of New Material Foam Metal Aluminum in Sound Insulation Industry

March 8, 2023|

Foam aluminum, a porous and lightweight material, has been used extensively in various fields due to its exceptional properties, including high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent thermal conductivity, good acoustic absorption, and corrosion resistance. In recent years, foam aluminum has been gaining increasing attention in the sound insulation industry due to its [...]

Closed Cell Aluminum Foam Panel

February 2, 2023|

Product: Closed Cell Aluminum Foam Panel Size: 2000x1000x10mm Usage: Sound barrier interlayer Loading time: 2022/11/18 Loading quantity: 1400m2 Ship to: Korea Specification: Ultra-light / Low weight Pore diameter Main 5-10mm Density 0.25g/cm3-0.85g/cm3 Porosity 68%-91% Thickness 6-300mm Standard Size 2000x1000mm Shape mainly panel, customized special shape is acceptable Weather Resistance Corrosion [...]

Non-standard customization Nickel-chrome Foam

February 2, 2023|

Product name:Nickel-chrome Foam Size:Diameter:240 millimeters Thickness:25mm PPI10 & PPI20 Qty:16PCS Loading time: 2022/12/26 Ship to: CANADA Contact information: Sales manager: JANE CHEN Email: Cell phone/wechat/whatsapp: 0086 15879245734 1.What is the thickness tolerance on the 25mm Nickel foam sheets? +/- Jane Reply:+/-0.5MM 2.How do you cut the sheets into shapes? [...]

Performance and Parameters of Noise Barriers

November 2, 2022|

Noise barriers, also known as sound insulation walls, are one of the most effective ways to mitigate noise from roads, railways and industrial sources. Most of them are used for road use. Noise barriers are erected outside the construction sites to reduce noise and dust nuisance to pedestrians or nearby [...]

The Major Functions of Metal Foam

November 1, 2022|

Metal foams are main used in petrochemical industry, aerospace and environmental protection to manufacture purification, filtration, catalytic supports, electrodes and other devices. Because of its strength, ductility and additivity, metal foams can be used as lightweight structural materials. This material has long been used as a core material for aircraft [...]

Aluminum Foam Used for Industrial Noise Barrier

November 1, 2022|

Closed cell aluminum foam is made of AL powder with additives by foaming process. It has both metal and bubble characteristics. such as low density, high shock absorption capacity, high temperature resistance, strong fire resistance, corrosion resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction, low thermal conductivity, high electromagnetic shielding etc..and especially [...]

Functional characteristics of new aluminum foam material

September 15, 2022|

1. Ultralight The density is 0.2~0.4g/cm3, which is about 1/10 of the density of aluminum, 1/20 of the density of titanium, 1/30 of the density of steel, 1/30 of the density of steel, and 1/3 of the density of wood. 2. Sound absorption The new material of foam aluminum can [...]

Application advantages and functional characteristics of imported new aluminum foam materials

September 15, 2022|

The lightweight structure, energy absorption and noise control of imported aluminum foam new materials make it have a wide range of applications in the automotive and transportation industries. Vehicles are increasingly developing in the direction of light weight, low energy consumption, and more safety and comfort. For this reason, materials [...]

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