As we all know, LED is a high-efficiency light source, and it is loved by designers because of its small size. But they can really be called “small” only when thermal management is not involved. Although compared with incandescent lamps, its operating temperature is much lower, but with the rapid development of the LED industry, more and more high-power products are born, and a large amount of heat seriously affects the life of LED lighting systems. The biggest bottleneck in the development of a generation of environmentally friendly lighting.
The traditional aluminum heat sink will increase with the temperature of the LED. There is no active cooling system, which will eventually cause the LED to burn out. However, installing an active cooling system will increase a lot of cost and make the entire lighting system too bulky. The foam copper produced by Beihai Composites Materials is made into a very small vapor chamber and heat pipe system, which perfectly solves the balance problem of cost, volume and heat dissipation effect, especially for high-power LED heat dissipation. Manufacturer’s research hotspot.
It is believed that the problem of heat dissipation has been solved, and LEDs will be more and more used in public lighting and lighting in harsh environments.