The foam metal material has five main parameters:
1. Metal substrate, that is, which metal material the porous metal foam material is made of, including foamed nickel, copper, iron, iron-nickel alloy, copper-nickel alloy, and surface heat treatment of various materials such as chromizing Wait.
2. PPI, Chinese is the number of pores per inch. This parameter is a special parameter of the foam sponge material. It expresses the number of sponge cells that pass through a straight line per inch of length. The intuitive identification is that the larger the PPI value, the more visible the surface of the material. The smaller the hole is, we mainly provide materials between 10PPI and 140PPI. Due to the limitation of the sponge substrate, the PPI parameter increases by 10. For example, we provide materials with PPI parameters such as 10, 20, 30, 40, etc., but do not provide PPI for 23, 38 and other materials
3. Thickness, the currently provided materials are all sheet materials, the thickness range is 0.7mm-25mm.
4. Area, the maximum area of ​​ordinary single-piece material currently provided is 500X500mm.
5. Density, density is divided into bulk density and areal density. The bulk density is the weight of the material in a fixed volume, such as 1000g/m3, and the areal density is the weight of the product with a fixed area under the specified thickness, such as 10mm thickness. 1600g/square meter; density determines the strength of the material.

If you need to buy foam metal products, you must first determine the above five parameters, in order to determine the specific specifications and price of foam metal.