Using pure aluminum as the matrix material, TiH2 as the foaming agent and copper-plated glass fiber as the additive, foamed aluminum with different porosity was prepared. The influence of glass fiber content and aspect ratio on the porosity, apparent density, compressive strength and thermal conductivity of aluminum foam was studied. The results show that when the amount of foaming agent remains unchanged, with the increase of the glass fiber content and the aspect ratio, the porosity of the foamed aluminum increases, and the apparent density, thermal conductivity and compressive strength are correspondingly reduced; but the fiber length The influence of diameter ratio is smaller than that of fiber content.

A new foam aluminum composite structure is proposed on the basis of foam aluminum sandwich and fiber metal laminate. This composite structure is to add a layer of glass fiber between the metal panel and the foamed aluminum core material, and glue it together in the order of “metal panel-glass fiber-foam aluminum-glass fiber-metal panel”. The experimental results show that the comprehensive performance of the new composite structure is improved compared with the foamed aluminum sandwich. The optimal preparation parameters of the new foamed aluminum composite structure when the bending strength is the best are obtained. Epoxy resin glue and low-porosity foamed aluminum should be selected. The thickness of the aluminum plate is at least 1.5 mm. The type of glass fiber has little effect on the bending strength.