Aluminum foam is very light, very rigid, and environmentally friendly

The density of aluminum foam is about 1/5~1/10 of pure aluminum, 1/20 of iron, and 1/4 of wood and plastic.

Before being used in the field of tooling and building materials

The appearance of aluminum foam in the field of automobile manufacturing can reduce the weight of vehicles and improve fuel efficiency.

Application 1

Of course, it is not a body part made of “sandwich type” using aluminum foam alone.
Its flexural rigidity is 1.5 times that of steel. The unique lightweight panel is very suitable as a building skin and the aluminum foam panel is completely recycled, which is very environmentally friendly.



Weather resistance of foamed aluminum

Corrosion resistance

Exposure to marine atmosphere for one year
No obvious abnormality
The surface can be sprayed with anti-corrosion treatment
Further improve the anti-corrosion ability

The moisture absorption rate of foamed aluminum is 0.0%
There is no hygroscopic phenomenon, and the acoustic performance will not be reduced due to humidity

Heat resistance/non-combustibility characteristics
Tested by the National Fireproof Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
Combustion performance reaches A1 level

Thermal stability

The linear expansion coefficient of foamed aluminum is 19.34*107°C

Equivalent to concrete, not easy to deform when heated



Heat insulation, noise reduction, and electromagnetic shielding
As foam, aluminum foam has excellent insulation
The closed-hole foam aluminum holds less than half the weight of the marble
aluminum foam has good acoustic function
The sound insulation coefficient of closed hole foam aluminum above 0.9 above 0.8
At the same time, for the office building such a signal complex and chaotic space can play a very good electromagnetic shielding effect of electromagnetic wave frequency between 2.6-18GHZ when the amount of electromagnetic shielding of foam aluminum can reach 60-90dB