Closed cell aluminum foam is made of AL powder with additives by foaming process. It has both metal and bubble characteristics. such as low density, high shock absorption capacity, high temperature resistance, strong fire resistance, corrosion resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction, low thermal conductivity, high electromagnetic shielding etc..and especially suitable for sound insulation and noise reduction.

Aluminum foam sound insulation barrier is widely used in transportation industrial projects, aerospace industry and building structure industry.

The following are some projects widely used aluminum foam to make metal noise barriers.

  • Aluminum Foam Noise Wall for Highway
    Using foam aluminum sound-absorbing board to make the sound barrier of elevated road and viaduct can effectively reduce the low-frequency noise generated by automobiles, which is much better than that of common louver sound-absorbing board.
  • Aluminum Foam Noise Barrier for Tunnel
    10mm~20mm thick perforated aluminum foam sound-absorbing board is used to make sound-absorbing and noise-reducing walls of highway and river tunnels, which can effectively absorb the low-frequency noise generated by automobiles. The aluminum foam material does not absorb moisture, but still maintains good sound absorption and noise reduction effect, and the side wall of the aluminum foam can absorb impact kinetic energy and vibration waves, thus protecting the inner wall of the tunnel. Aluminum foam is non-corrosive, non-combustible and safe to use.
  • Aluminum Foam Noise Barrier for High Speed Railway
    Aluminum foam is used as a sound barrier, which can absorb sound, and the whole wall can be soundproof, thus achieving high-efficiency noise reduction. After the aluminum foam is soaked by rain, the noise reduction function will not be reduced, and the aluminum foam can absorb energy and shock, and the rivet will not loosen under the vibration of the train, so it is safe for a long time.
  • Aluminum Industrial Noise Wall for Large Equipment Room
    Large-scale equipment room units will generate huge noise when working, and electromagnetic radiation will be caused due to the concentration of equipment. Aluminum foam has the characteristics of reducing noise and electromagnetic radiation, which can effectively improve the environment around and inside the equipment room and reduce noise and electromagnetic radiation pollution

Aluminum foam is used for noise reduction and electromagnetic shielding of large equipment rooms. Only one material can achieve two functions of noise reduction and electromagnetic radiation reduction, and at the same time, it can effectively prevent information interference and leakage. Aluminum foam has the characteristics of noise reduction and electromagnetic radiation attenuation. When the electromagnetic frequency is between 2.6 and 18 GHz, the electromagnetic shielding capacity of aluminum foam can reach 60— 90dB. Good sound absorption performance and high noise reduction coefficient, it can solve multiple noise sources with different acoustic frequencies.

Project Pictures with Aluminum Noise Barrier