A novel metal foam heat pipe radiator includes a radiator body and more than one heat pipe, the heat pipe is arranged on the radiator body, and also includes foam metal, and the metal foam is arranged on the outer wall of the heat pipe. The utility model adopts metal foam on the outer wall of the heat pipe, which increases the heat dissipation area of the heat pipe, and is provided with capillary grooves and capillary materials on the inner wall of the heat pipe, which improves the heat conduction performance of the heat pipe and increases the specific surface area of heat conduction. It is conducive to the flow and heat conduction of the fluid that is gradually expanding due to heat, and the capillary force is enhanced, so that the heat pipe has a higher heat conduction efficiency under the same heat conduction effect, so that the heat can be transferred to the metal foam on the outer wall of the heat pipe faster and more. And for heat dissipation, it has the advantages of simple structure, large heat dissipation area, good heat dissipation effect, high heat dissipation efficiency, less metal consumables and smaller volume.