Copper foam is a new multifunctional material with a large number of connected or unconnected holes uniformly distributed on a copper substrate. Copper foam has good electrical conductivity and ductility, low preparation cost and good electrical conductivity compared with nickel foam, and can be used to prepare battery negative electrode (carrier) materials, catalyst carriers and electromagnetic shielding materials. In particular, copper foam has some obvious advantages as a substrate for battery electrodes, but the corrosion resistance of copper is not as good as that of nickel, thus also limiting some of its applications.

What Is Copper Foam What Are the Six Major Applications of Copper Foam

The main uses of copper foam are as follows:

1. Electrode Material
Due to its good electrical conductivity, copper foam can be widely used as the electrode skeleton material for new batteries, such as nickel-zinc batteries, double layer capacitors, etc. Copper foam is expected to be promoted as the electrode collector for double layer capacitors; in addition, copper foam can also be used as the electrode material for electrolytic recovery of copper-containing wastewater, which has broad application prospects.

2. Catalytic Effect
At present, many organic chemical reactions, are trying to directly use copper foam with a large specific surface to replace the perforated copper plate as a catalyst for chemical reactions, and copper foam as a carrier for photocatalytic air purification, but also more successful.

3. Thermal Conductivity Materials
Because of its good thermal conductivity and become an excellent flame retardant flame retardant material, copper foam has been used in many advanced foreign firefighting equipment, especially as a flame insulation device, the effect is better; In addition, people also use the excellent thermal conductivity and apparent permeability of copper foam, made of heat dissipation motor, electrical appliances, etc.

4. Sound Dissipation and Shielding Devices
Sound waves are diffusely reflected on the surface of copper foam, through the principle of expansion muffling, microporous muffling, etc., to achieve the effect of muffling; copper shielding performance is close to silver, is a good performance of electromagnetic shielding materials.

5. Filter Material
The structural properties of copper foam metal products and basically harmless to human body have been successfully applied to medical filter materials; meanwhile, copper foam also has good application prospects in water purification equipment.

6. Materials for Buffering Fluid Pressure
Copper foam has good effect on fluid dispersion and buffering, which makes it a pressure release protection device for various manometers.