Metal foam is a special metal material containing foam pores. Through its unique structural characteristics, foam metal has a series of good advantages such as low density, good thermal insulation, good sound insulation and the ability to absorb electromagnetic waves, etc. It is a new type of material that has been gradually developed with human technology.

Foam Metal Application

Metal foam mainly include aluminum foam, copper foam, nickel foam, steel foam, titanium foam, etc.

Metal foam can be found in many high-tech fields and aerospace, for example, in the field of aerospace and missiles, foam metals are used in the construction of support points, mainly due to their light weight and thermal conductivity.
Since foam metal itself has a very good heat transfer, its own mass is very light and at the same time very hard, so in the spacecraft landing gear, wing shell, almost all can see the figure of foam metal. Foam metal can also be used to make artificial bones because of its loose porous, sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties, which also ensure that foam metal can be used as a noise reduction material; it has a very wide range of applications and application prospects.

Foam Metal Application

Metal foam in the military industry market size

The significance of military materials is mainly in the following aspects, firstly, it is the material basis of weapons and equipment, materials are the cornerstone of all weapons and a prerequisite element for the development of high-end weapons. Secondly, the performance of materials determines the performance and level of equipment, from the direction of development of military materials, basically toward lightweight, high-performance, multi-functional, composite, low-cost and intelligent stronger and better direction. New models, the release of new equipment on the demand for high-performance materials is significantly increased.