Nickel foamed is also a special material that is widely used in battery electrode materials. In fact, this material also has many excellent characteristics and application fields in the actual application process. 

1. Materials used to reduce noise 
Due to its own internal porosity, this metal also exhibits a three-dimensional interspersed structure.In this way, this kind of material itself has a filtering effect, and in the process of use, it can ensure that the gas fluid has a very stable flow performance. At the same time, after special additional processing of such materials, high-frequency noise can be intercepted. The biggest use is its porosity, which ensures that it can absorb noise very well during use. Therefore, this material is also widely used in the field of noise reduction to make noise reduction equipment. 
2. Interior decoration 
Practice has proved that it has good ductility in the actual application process. So whether machining or cutting, the metal can be easily made. Therefore, in the field of home decoration, especially in interior decoration, this material can be made into various shapes; in addition, because of the very delicate appearance of this material itself, it is also widely used in the field of interior decoration. 
3. Catalyst range
In actual use, this metal can be widely used as a battery electrode material, which uses the accelerated catalysis of the material itself. At the same time, the material can also be widely used in various catalyst carriers during the application process; in addition, due to its own thermal conductivity, it can also be used as a thermal material for drying equipment during use.
4.The field of filter materials
The foamed plastic material itself is a porous structure, and it also has a three-dimensional interspersed structure inside. Therefore, in the actual application process, it also has good filtering performance. Therefore, the material is also widely used as a filter medium, and can also be used as a medium in separators.