To evaluate the pros and cons of nickel foam manufacturers, we must first understand what nickel foam is, and what is the status and development of the production process?

Foamed nickel is a material used to make battery electrodes. Its manufacturing method is generally to conduct electricity with polyurethane sponge first, then electrodeposit, and then sinter. Conductive treatment generally adopts chemical plating, conductive coating, vacuum coating and other methods; electroplating can use sulfate or sulfamate nickel plating; the current sintering process is to first sinter the polyurethane sponge with air, and then reduce it with a hydrogen reducing atmosphere sintering.
A new patented technology for preparing foamed nickel by polyurethane sponge conduction, electrodeposition, sintering and other processes, which is characterized by: sintering is the direct pyrolysis and electrodeposition of foamed polyurethane polyurethane in a reducing atmosphere.
Obviously, the production process of nickel foam is almost “well known”, but some factories are developing new technologies and applying for patents.
Therefore, a good nickel foam production enterprise must have the following four capabilities and conditions.
1. Supply capacity.
The supply generally depends on the scale and assets of the manufacturer. The monthly output of a large factory can reach 100,000 square meters, which is more than 10 times that of a small manufacturer. With such a large output, even if more orders are received, production can be reasonably arranged to ensure that orders are completed in a timely manner with high quality and quantity.
2. Keep your word.
Honesty is the first principle of shopping malls, and manufacturers without integrity cannot exist and develop for a long time. Therefore, it is a relatively safe way to choose those old manufacturers with more than 10 years as new suppliers.
3. Positive service attitude.
Service is not just before signing, but after signing. A good manufacturer must pay attention to after-sales service and attach great importance to customer feedback.
4. Has more advanced production technology and even patented technology.
There are also many small manufacturers who recruit a few fresh graduates and dare to produce nickel foam by renting a few hundred square meters. Since the general nickel foam technology is not difficult, even an inexperienced freshman can produce it after a few months of exploration. But the quality of nickel foam is not good or unstable. Obviously, the backward production technology has brought many troubles to the demand side.