Sphere open cell aluminum foam
Aperture: 3mm-13mm
Thickness: 5mm-130mm
Heat resistance: use temperature up to 300 ℃
Sound absorption performance: when the sound wave frequency is between 125-2000HZ, the sound absorption coefficient can reach 0.95, and the noise reduction coefficient exceeds 0.4
Insulation performance: the thermal conductivity is about 1/400 of that of aluminum;
Electromagnetic shielding performance: When the electromagnetic wave frequency is between 2.6–18GHZ, the electromagnetic shielding capacity of foam aluminum can reach 60–90dB
Resistivity: 100 times that of pure aluminum
Corrosion resistance: good weather resistance, low moisture absorption, no aging, no toxicity.
Pore ​​shape: The hole connecting part of the sphere opening type is composed of small round holes in the bubble chamber and the bulkhead, which is equivalent to hollowing out dense aluminum with a plurality of tightly packed hollow spheres, forming a structure that can allow gas or liquid substances to penetrate the aluminum. The space through which the body flows, therefore, aluminum foam is also called metal sponge. The bubble chamber of the sphere open-cell aluminum foam is spherical, relatively regular, and the spheres are arranged very closely. Small round holes are opened on each bulkhead to connect other spheres, and they open to 6 directions, with a connectivity rate of more than 90%. .
  The structure in which the spheres are connected by pores is conducive to the absorption and filtration of energy. Since it is not a straight hole, the energy will undergo repeated conversion between the sphere and the pores when passing through, and the flow rate and flow rate will undergo progressive attenuation changes.
  For sound absorption and noise reduction, the ideal application effect can be obtained through the design and process control of the size of the sphere (diameter 2-13mm), the size of the wall hole (diameter 0.5-4mm), the thickness of the hole wall and the thickness of the plate. Bulk density: about 0.8g/. It is suitable for noise reduction of various types of vehicle boxes and mechanical equipment.