Aperture: distribution 0.4-11mm, main aperture 2-11mm;
Density: 0.25g/cm3-0.90g/cm3, which is 1/30 of iron, 1/10 of aluminum and 1/4 of wood;
Porosity: 60% – 92%;
Specifications: net board size 2400*800*300mm, 2400*1200*300mm, 2000*1000*300mm, 1000*500*300mm, 1200*600*300mm, the specific product size can be determined according to user needs.
1. Light weight: the density is 0.2-0.4g/cm3, the density is 10%-40% of metal aluminum; the density is 0.2-0.4g/cm3, about 1/10 of the density of aluminum, 1/20 of the density of titanium and More than 1/30 of the density of steel;
2. Fire and heat resistance: The thermal insulation effect of closed-cell aluminum foam is equivalent to that of marble, and it has high heat resistance. Generally, the dissolution temperature of aluminum alloy is about 500-700 degrees, and the foamed aluminum will not dissolve even if it is heated to 1400 degrees;
3. Ductility and plasticity: convenient for cutting, drilling and bonding; it can be bent into the desired shape by molding;
4. Non-flammable and good heat resistance: good corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, low moisture absorption, no aging;
5. Easy to install: it can be connected and fixed by mechanical method or directly with screws, or it can be pasted on the wall or ceiling with adhesive;
6. Electromagnetic shielding: Foamed aluminum sheet is an excellent electromagnetic shielding material, and its shielding efficiency reaches 90dB for electromagnetic waves below 200MHz. Iron plate with a thickness of 20mm, with foam plastic, its shielding electromagnetic wave is 50dB. 20mm aluminum foam alone, shielding electromagnetic waves is 90dB, and the weight is 1/50 of the iron plate;
7. Concealment performance: It has been tested jointly with the Institute of Processes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After the surface of the foamed aluminum material is sprayed with absorbing material, it can play a concealing role;
8. Automobile protection: but its bending resistance height can reach 1.5 times that of steel. Whether Japanese low-strength longitudinal beam vehicles or European and American high-strength longitudinal beam vehicles, all need to solve the problem of anti-collision. The foam aluminum anti-collision beam meets the requirements of absorbing impact kinetic energy, causing a major change in the car body;
9. Shipbuilding industry: noise reduction requirements for engine rooms of ordinary tugboats and cargo ships, sound-absorbing linings of engine rooms, partitions, hatches, high-performance decks, lightweight and high-strength ship structural parts, etc.;
10. Aerospace: The density of aluminum foam is only about 0.1 and 0.4 times that of metal aluminum. In the current aerospace field, the former aerospace field, honeycomb structure materials are widely used. The foamed aluminum sandwich panel is similar to the honeycomb structure material, both of which are materials with low density and high specific strength, but the foamed aluminum has huge advantages in terms of cost, and may replace the honeycomb structure material in the future development;