Products Description
Modified inorganic powder composite building flexible decorative sheet product is a kind of flexible, thin and light, which is made of water-soluble high molecular polymer as surface material, high molecular polymer and inorganic filler as bottom layer, and is automatically composited. Flexible sheet, the thickness of the sheet reaches 3 mm, the finished product is called (soft porcelain) inorganic powder composite building flexible decorative sheet. The development and application of MCM modified inorganic powder can be formed without sintering, and the product has strong plasticity and can be shaped arbitrarily. Using MCM ecological raw materials, a large number of sheet series products have been successfully launched, which are favored by the market. Compared with traditional decorative materials, the products can save energy and reduce consumption by up to 80% from production to application, and can be recycled.

Product Feature
1. Light: The weight of each square is 4.5 kg, which is 1/20 of the stone.
2. Thin: The 3mm thick flexible decorative panel is an environmentally friendly decorative material for the exterior wall, which is 1/10 of the integrated board and 1/6 of the ceramic tile, which greatly saves the cost of bonding materials.
3. Due to its lightness and thinness, only 1-2mm thick cement binder is needed, which greatly saves the cost of bonding materials.
4. The product is lightweight and is one of the safest building exterior wall decoration materials.
5. The water impermeability test shows that under the pressure of 0.3MPa, there is no leakage for 30min. Refer to the method in JG149-2003 to test its air permeability, the water vapor wet flow density is 0.94g/(m2.h), the water absorption is 193g/m2, and the water repellency and air permeability fully meet the requirements of external wall insulation materials.
Can be applied to: hospitals, schools, residences, etc.
Energy saving and low carbon
1. Using natural modified mineral powder as raw material, no need to split rocks.
2. Use degradable materials. There is no waste water, waste gas and dust discharge in the production process, and the waste can be recycled and reused.
3. The fuel of the production line abandons high-polluting raw materials such as coal and heavy oil, and uses electric energy. It strives to be clean and the source is guaranteed. It is a low-carbon building surface material.
4. The main raw material is soil, and the production process does not release harmful substances such as sulfide into the atmosphere. The use process is safe and environmentally friendly.
5. The construction does not require live operation and cutting machine cutting, which avoids noise and dust pollution when installing tiles, and reduces decoration waste by more than 80%.
6. Widely used, such as hospitals, schools, commercial streets, etc.
1. It can be bent at will, breaking through the modeling limitations of traditional wall materials, which can realistically represent natural decorative materials and is convenient for construction.
2. Due to its good flexibility, no additional cutting processing is required when paving in arcs, cylinders, etc.
3. Solve the problem of self-cracking, and it is not easy to seep water.
4. Economy: Compared with ordinary stone materials, it is more cost-effective.
Can be applied to: lines, square columns, columns, arched beam buildings, etc.
Fire retardant
Using high-performance fire-proof and inorganic mineral components, it reaches the A-level fire-proof standard, which ensures personal and property safety to a certain extent.
Can be used in: hospitals, schools, commercial streets, etc.
Strong stability and longer weather resistance. The artificial aging resistance time is 3500 hours, which is about 6 times that of the real stone paint test standard.
Rich texture
Eco Stone perfectly reproduces the textures outlined by nature. The color is natural and never fades; the texture is clear and natural.
Private custom
The color, texture and size of soft stone can be customized according to the special requirements of customers.