The wall made of aluminum foam of different scales/textures, through the texture of its surface, constitutes the texture of a Mondrian-style geometric abstract painting, and at the same time, the proportions of other line blocks in the space are formed by contrast. tension. These seemingly random and disordered details actually imply the regularity of internal functional arrangement, spatial and structural order.

Aluminum foam is a light and strong aluminum-based new material with a density lower than that of water. It can also absorb energy, prevent collision, sound absorption and fire prevention. It can be widely used in rail transit, aerospace, building fire protection and other fields. It is an indispensable resource in renewable resources. Great treasure. For a long time, the domestic aluminum foam industry technology is relatively backward, facing the huge domestic market demand, the gap mostly depends on imported aluminum foam.

Aluminum foam has been successfully used in many building decoration industries as well as exterior walls, ceilings, interiors, clubs, commerce, and many other fields.