Speaking of metal foam, a new type of metal material, perhaps most people are not clear about its uses and characteristics. In fact, the structure of metal foam is not as magical as imagined. It is mainly composed of metal scaffolds formed by countless unit cells in an irregular manner.
The foam metal created by this method, its main constituent unit cells are all hollow, thus ensuring that the surface of the foam metal has more than 90% pores; at the same time, the foam metal also has many advantages, such as its texture It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good sound absorption, good sound insulation, strong flame retardancy, and damping. Numerous advantages also ensure that foam metal can be used in a wider range of fields during use.

1. Wide range of applications
At present, metal foam has been widely used in various high-tech fields such as aerospace, environmental protection, transportation, energy, biology, etc. At the same time, in general industrial fields, metal foam can often be seen. For example, at present, many aircraft wings are made of composite foamed aluminum during the construction process; at the same time, due to its good thermal conductivity, metal foamed can also be widely used in heaters, heat exchangers and other equipment. And the metal foam also has various advantages such as heat insulation, flame retardant, buffering, shock absorption, etc., and the scope of application and application is very wide.
2. The main production method
At present, the production of metal foam is mainly carried out in three ways: melt foaming method, powder metallurgy method and gas injection method. Among them, the melt foaming method is mainly to add substances that can generate gas in the process of smelting metal; during the smelting process, the gas can be evenly distributed in the metal liquid, and then foam metal can be obtained. The gas injection method is to inject gas into the molten metal liquid in an easy-to-understand manner, so that the finished product of foam metal can also be obtained. Powder metallurgy is to heat metal to a molten state and then inject gas.
3. Prospect forecast
Although metal foam is in use, it has a very wide range of applications due to its many advantages. However, from the perspective of the current production method, the cost consumption of producing metal foam is obviously not proportional to its advantages. However, metal foam has a very large market prospect and potential. In the future, research on how to reduce the production cost of metal foam will also become a difficult problem that needs to be broken through.