Foam metal includes structured foam materials to provide cushioning, insulation, shock absorption, or as packaging applications. These lightweight foam materials, metal foams are a combination of interesting physical and chemical parameters that are popular in the market, providing high stiffness, high compressive strength and energy absorption.

Factory that makes metal foam

The metal foam market in the Asia-Pacific region has seen significant growth in value and volume. Due to the advantages of high porosity, low weight, energy absorption, high impact strength, and good thermal conductivity of metal foam, the end-user industry in this region has been paying attention to the use of metal foam.

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Beihai Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of foam metal and high-strength lightweight composite materials.
The company’s main products include metal-based porous composite functional materials with independent intellectual property rights, foamed metal materials, metal shielding materials, metal-based polymer engineering materials, etc. Such as foamed nickel, foamed iron, foamed iron-nickel, foamed copper, foamed copper-nickel, foamed aluminum and foamed metal composite panels. Products are widely used in filtration, shielding, heat dissipation, catalyst carriers, integrated electronics, lightweight vehicles and engineering equipment, aerospace and other fields.