New building materials are a new generation of building materials based on traditional building materials, mainly including new wall materials, thermal insulation materials, waterproof sealing materials and decoration materials.

Steam-free foam concrete block brick
Foamed concrete block (also called autoclaved aerated concrete block) is a kind of aerated concrete block, and its appearance quality, internal pore structure, service performance, etc. are basically the same as autoclaved aerated concrete block. This is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly wall material with light weight and high strength, which can reduce the load of buildings; good compressive performance; good seismic resistance; no cracking, long service life; outstanding characteristics of good water resistance.

Cement foam external wall thermal insulation and decoration integrated board
The exterior wall thermal insulation and decorative integrated board combines decoration and thermal insulation construction into one, saving nearly ten procedures, greatly saving construction time, compared with traditional thermal insulation methods, shortening the construction period by 60%, and doubling the construction efficiency. Through the cooperation of the advanced installation system and the wall, the aesthetic effect of low-carbon energy saving, decoration, waterproof, mildew, fire prevention and architecture is formed.

Cement foamed lightweight composite partition wall board
Cement foamed lightweight partition wall panels use cement foam as the core material to make lightweight partition wall panels, which have the characteristics of load-bearing, sound insulation, and fire resistance, and are a new type of partition wall material. It is widely used to fill the partitions of internal walls, external walls, roofs, and enclosures of buildings, which can speed up construction, reduce labor intensity, reduce engineering costs, and effectively increase the use of building area.

Cement foamed fire door core board
Cement foamed fire-proof door core board is a new generation of fire-proof filling material, which has the characteristics of non-combustibility, fire-proof and fire-resistance, good heat insulation performance, resistance to water immersion, environmental protection, light weight, and sound insulation. The product has a combustion performance of a1 level, does not corrode door panels of various materials, and has better performance indicators than traditional fire-resistant materials (aluminum silicate, rock wool, magnesite foam). It is a good environmentally friendly alternative product.

Space board (roof, wall)
The space board is composed of steel frame or prestressed concrete frame, steel truss, foamed cement core material, and upper and lower cement surface layers (including glass fiber mesh). A new type of energy-saving, green and environmentally-friendly building board with excellent performance.