First, the main characteristics of foam aluminum sound-absorbing panels:
1. High-tech, new foam aluminum plate, good sound absorption performance, stable acoustic performance, no pollution, light weight, beautiful, fireproof, not afraid of water, good physical performance, easy to process, use it to make various forms of sound absorbing body, Mufflers, sound insulation structures, sound barriers, anechoic rooms, sound insulation covers, etc., can directly face the noise source without any protective panels and other sound-absorbing fillers.
2. Excellent acoustic performance: the average sound absorption coefficient is ≥0.60 (125-4000Hz frequency range, measured by the Acoustics Institute of Tongji University); at the same time, it has excellent acoustic performance that the sound absorption performance of the board does not change after water spraying and ash spraying.
3. The foam aluminum plate is formed by die-casting of aluminum alloy. After being damaged, it can be fully recycled. It is the only green and environmentally friendly new high-tech product that does not cause secondary pollution to the environment.
4. Foamed aluminum plate is the frontier and replacement product of non-fibrous materials in the world. It will not become dust and scatter like glass fiber, mineral wool, rock wool, etc. after being aged in the sun, rain, high temperature and other environments, which is harmful to the atmospheric environment. cause secondary pollution.
5. It has the corresponding fire resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance of metal aluminum. It can withstand wind, rain and sunlight. It is a Class A non-combustible product.
6. It can be coated with different colors of coatings, which are beautiful. The coating has been sprayed and dried for many times, so it will not fade even under the conditions of wind and sun.
7. It has good electromagnetic shielding performance.
8. The foam aluminum sound-absorbing board can be sawed, bonded, riveted and plugged at will, and it is easy to install.
9. The foam aluminum plate can be made into various forms of sound absorbers, and can be combined into various forms of sound absorbers and sound insulators.
10. The surface is easy to clean and maintain.
Second, the scope of application of foam aluminum sound-absorbing panels
It is used in concert halls, theaters, recording studios, studios, dance halls, gymnasiums, subway stations, waiting halls, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, large shopping malls, exhibition halls, office halls, information rooms, computer rooms and other places to control The effect of sound reverberation time.
For pipeline muffler, muffler elbow, static pressure box, especially suitable for clean workshop, food production workshop, pharmaceutical factory, precision instrument manufacturing workshop, laboratory, ward, operating room, restaurant canteen, ship engine room, auxiliary engine room, passenger cabin and other places The air-conditioning and ventilation equipment play the role of noise reduction and noise reduction.
It plays the role of sound absorption and sound insulation barrier in urban light rail, elevated roads, traffic arteries, highways, railways, overpasses, cooling towers, open-air high-voltage substations, concrete mixing fields and other places.
In diesel engines, generators, motors, internal combustion engines, refrigerators, air compressors, aircraft, trains, automobiles, ships, boilers, forging hammer equipment, fans and other equipment, it can be used for sound absorption, sound insulation, and noise reduction.