Supply aluminum foam color board sound insulation fireproof decoration board
Aluminum foam product performance:
Density 0.2g/cm3 to 0.6g/cm3; Specifications: 1200 x 600xT Thickness between 6mm~20mm (customized according to the actual requirements of customers); Compressive strength; 3Mpa~17Mpa; Flexural strength: 3Mpa~15Mpa;
Pore ​​Size Uniformity: Grade C; Surface Finish: Grade C; Density Range: Grade C; Pore Range: Grade C;
It can be used as a decorative material for sound absorption, noise reduction and fire prevention, and can be sprayed according to the needs of enterprises. The surface of the foamed aluminum is colored by a certain spray method, which has strong oxidation resistance, thermal stability, aging resistance, and can withstand the turbidity of various concentrations of acids, alkalis and salts; it can be used at room temperature or at room temperature. Cured at low temperature, the paint film is dense and bright, with strong adhesion. It is used in decoration and display of handicrafts.

Introduction of other application industries and fields of aluminum foam:
Building and construction: light-coloured floor and wall elements, versatile comfort-enhancing materials (eg vibration damping), exterior fire-resistant cover elements
Engineering industry: housings, temperature-regulating parts, fast-moving vibration devices, electromagnetic shielding
Automotive industry: body parts, vibration damping parts, support structure elements, shock absorbers, temperature control elements
Shipbuilding: sliding doors, doors, partition walls
Design: partition walls, decorative accessories (lamps, photo frames, etc.), decorative elements, furniture (such as sofas, chairs, bookshelves, reception desks)
Basic materials for the toy industry
Aerospace industry: supporting structural elements, sandwich structures, controllable features, influencing materials
Aviation industry: replacement parts for honeycomb structures Complex three-dimensional structures
Railway vehicles: damping elements, damping elements, complete the previous profile
Defense Industry: Shockwave Absorber, Impact Materials