In recent years, new materials have continued to emerge. When Xiaoku sees architectural design drawings and interior design drawings in his life, he will think about the material? How is it constructed? What are the uses? Suddenly I feel that there is a lot of knowledge to learn! 

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects

Guess what materials these buildings are? 
Are they still in your design knowledge reserve? 

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects

Can be used outdoors, can be curved 

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects-3

It can also be used indoors, and it can also have colors 

Continue to see it will still transmit light 

Guess it? What material is it? 

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects9

Haha… the protagonist is it-foam aluminum, are you familiar with this name? 

What is foam aluminum?

Foamed aluminum is a building decoration material that is made by adding additives to pure aluminum or aluminum alloy through a foaming process, and has both metal and bubble characteristics.
What are the characteristics of such materials
Specification: Width 1220mm
The length is up to 6 meters to meet the large size requirements, reduce the seam, and the design is more integrated.

Advantages: light weight and density 0.1~0.4 times that of metal aluminum
Good ductility and plasticity
Convenient for cutting, drilling and gluing; it can be bent into the required shape by moulding. The bending resistance ratio and rigidity are 1.5 times that of rigidity.

High damping performance
Impact energy absorption rate

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects

Good acoustic function
With super sound absorption and noise reduction function, the maximum sound absorption coefficient can reach 0.8

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects

Good thermal performance
Good thermal insulation performance, the thermal insulation effect of closed foamed aluminum is equivalent to that of marble

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects13

The double-sided perforated light-transmitting board produces diversified cavities due to gas foaming
Multi-angle refraction of light, producing a rich and brilliant brilliance when doing light-transmitting applications

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects14

Non-combustible and good heat resistance
Corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, low moisture absorption, no aging
Indoor applications do not change color. Outdoor rain can be washed away

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects15

Foamed aluminum can design the required comprehensive properties by changing its density and pore structure, which is the charm of this unique material. So it is widely used in many fields
Material characteristics:
Large, medium and small aperture

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects

Spraying, illusion spraying, spraying + filling

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects

Application scenario
Building exterior

Aluminium Foam with Amazing Effects

Indoor decorations

Ceiling sound absorption