Copper foam is a new multifunctional material with a large number of connected or unconnected holes evenly distributed on the matrix. Copper foam has good conductivity and malleability. It has lower cost and better conductivity than nickel foam and can be used to prepare battery anode (carrier) materials, catalyst carriers and electromagnetic shielding materials.


Copper foam has good mechanical properties and processability, great electric and thermal conductivity and the structure has a large number of pores, but the alkali resistance, tensile strength and malleability of metallic copper are still exist, coupled with its good electromagnetic shielding and noise absorption function, copper foam has a wide range of applications.

1. Electrode materials

Due to its excellent conductivity, it can be used as the electrode frame material for new batteries. As an excellent choice of electrode fluid collector for double-layer capacitor, it has also become a large hidden market for copper foam applications.

As an electrode material for electrolysis recovery of copper-containing wastewater, copper foam also shows its excellent performance and has a broad development prospect in this field.

2. Catalyst

In the organic chemical reaction, to use a large specific surface area on the structure of copper foam material to replace the punching copper plate chemical reaction catalyst position, this research has obtained many tries and successful examples, and it has the possibility of practical application.

To use copper foam as a photocatalytic air purification carrier is another successful application.

3. Thermal conductive materials

Copper foam is used as flame retardant material on advanced fire fighting equipment in many foreign countries, especially as flame isolation equipment. Copper foam shows its excellent performance because of its excellent thermal conductivity, which makes it become an excellent flame retardant material.

In addition, it can be used as a heat dissipation material for motors and electrical appliances.

4. Noise reduction and shielding materials

The propagation of sound wave will diffuse reflection on the surface of copper foam structure, and the intensity of sound wave will be greatly weakened by the effects of expansion silencing and micropore silencing.

The molecules of copper foam are the same as metallic copper, so its shielding performance does not change. As the shielding property of metallic copper is close to that of metallic silver, it is also an excellent electromagnetic shielding material.

5. Filter materials

Metallic copper is basically harmless to human body, and copper foam has excellent structural characteristics, so copper foam as a medical filter material has achieved great success in practical application.

Similarly, as a water purification material, copper foam also shows excellent performance in water purification devices.

6. Fluid pressure buffer material

Because of the particularity of its structure, copper foam plays a powerful role in dispersing and buffering fluids. This makes it as a decompression component applied to a variety of instruments to reducing liquid pressure and rate.

Durability, corrosion resistance of metallic copper also become the advantages of copper foam in the application of instruments.

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