Metals foamed include aluminum, nickel and their alloys. In addition, copper foamed also has a certain space for development. 
Aluminum foam and its alloys are light in weight and have the characteristics of sound absorption, heat insulation, vibration damping, shock energy absorption and electromagnetic wave absorption, etc. They are suitable for impact protection layers of missiles, aircraft and their recovered parts, automobile buffers, electro-mechanical vibration damping devices, pulse Power electromagnetic wave shield, etc. 

Nickel foam has high air permeability, high specific surface area and capillary force due to its connected pore structure and high porosity. It is mostly used as a functional material for making fluid filters, atomizers, catalysts, battery electrode plates and heat exchanger etc. 

Copper foamed has good conductivity and ductility, and its preparation cost is lower than that of nickel foam, and its electrical conductivity is better. It can be used to prepare battery negative electrode (carrier) materials, catalyst carriers and electromagnetic shielding materials. In particular, the use of copper foamed as the base material of the battery electrode has some obvious advantages, but the corrosion resistance of copper is not as good as that of nickel, which limits some of its applications.