The new aluminum foam material has excellent performance and a wide range of applications. It has good application and development prospects and potential in many industries such as industry, aerospace, environmental protection, and construction. At present, the application research of new aluminum foam materials in foreign countries has been quite mature, and large-scale applications have been realized in many industries. At present, the preparation technology of new aluminum foam materials in my country is relatively mature, but it is relatively backward in the field of application research, especially the application in structural materials is still in the experimental research stage. Therefore, the research and development of new aluminum foam materials in my country should strengthen the basic research on the application of aluminum foam materials in the future, and strive to promote its industrial production and application promotion.
Calcium carbonate powder has significant cost-effectiveness as a foaming agent for the production of new aluminum foam materials. When the average particle diameter of the powder is 38, 72, and 120 μm, the foaming effect is good, which can meet the product quality requirements. The apparent density of the new aluminum foam material is inversely proportional to the density of the calcium carbonate powder foaming agent, which means that the high-density calcium carbonate powder foaming agent has a higher foaming efficiency, and the use of a high-efficiency foaming agent can obtain a small pore size. New material of foam aluminum.
The mechanical properties of the new foamed aluminum material are closely related to the foaming efficiency. The foaming agent with low foaming efficiency can obtain a new foamed aluminum material with a peak compressive strength of 13N/m2. The new aluminum foam material produced by the high-efficiency blowing agent has a higher energy absorption capacity. The performance of the new material of foamed aluminum is closely related to its porosity, so the foamed aluminum with the desired properties can be obtained by controlling the density.