Nickel foam is a sound-absorbing material with excellent performance, which has a high sound absorption coefficient at high frequencies; the sound absorption performance at low frequencies can be improved through the design of the sound-absorbing structure. Nickel foam is also one of the electrode materials for the manufacture of cadmium-nickel batteries and hydrogen-nickel batteries.

Production Process 
The process of preparing nickel foam by electrodeposition technology has been successfully developed through experiments. The matrix material used for nickel foam is porous open-cell foam plastic. The conductive layer can be prepared by three methods: chemical nickel plating, vacuum nickel plating and dipping conductive glue (palladium sol, submicron graphite emulsion, etc.). Thick nickel can be electroplated in a common sulfate nickel plating electrolyte, and then a three-dimensional reticulated nickel foam material with excellent performance can be obtained after burning, reduction and annealing processes.