I believe that when many people hear about foam metal, they may not know what kind of material it is? In fact, the special feature of metal foam is that it is a metal material with a special structure, and there is a porous structure with a large number of foam pores on this metal material. This also makes the foam metal have a very small weight during use; it also has very good heat insulation and sound insulation properties, and can also shield electromagnetic signals.

1. Porous structure composition

As a special metal material, foam metal has a structure very similar to sponge and has very high air permeability. The pores on the overall surface of the foam metal are more than 90%, and these pores have millimeter-level diameters. Although the foam metal itself has a lot of pores, this does not greatly affect its strength and rigidity; instead, the porous structure makes this metal material collapse after encountering pressure, causing the pore structure to collapse, resulting in a larger force area, which makes this The metal material has good shock absorption.

2. Foam metal is widely used

This kind of metal foam has a very wide range of applications. As a special metal with high hardness and high rigidity, metal foam is widely used in a series of chemical industries such as aerospace, petrochemical, construction and transportation. Since the metal foam itself has very good heat transfer properties, its mass is very light and it is also very hard, so you can almost see the metal foam on the landing gear and wing shell of the spacecraft. Due to its looseness and porousness, the foamed metal can also be used to make artificial bones with its sound absorption and sound insulation properties, which also ensures that the foamed metal can be used as a noise reduction material; it has a very wide range of applications and application prospects.

3. Development prospects

Foam metal can be said to be a special metal material with very good application prospects. At present, in scientific research, foam metal is used in the military field; military body armor that can block armor-piercing bullets has been developed; at the same time, according to the characteristics of foam metal itself, the foam metal is made into a lightweight stainless steel composite material for armored vehicle protection. Upgrade, while also further reducing the weight of the armored vehicle itself.

Compared with other metal materials, foam metal, a special metal material, has more practicability and advantages, and the use cost is not much higher. With the further development of science and technology, the field and scope of foam metal utilization are also further expanded. It can be said that it has a very wide range of applications, and the application prospects are also promising in the future!