The lightweight structure, energy absorption and noise control of imported aluminum foam new materials make it have a wide range of applications in the automotive and transportation industries. Vehicles are increasingly developing in the direction of light weight, low energy consumption, and more safety and comfort. For this reason, materials with low density, good comprehensive performance and high recycling rate are required. The excellent performance of the imported new foam aluminum material determines that it has a wide range of uses and broad application prospects. Especially in the application of automobile manufacturing, the new material of aluminum foam is considered to be a promising material for future automobiles and other means of transportation. In order to protect the environment and natural resources, it is necessary to improve the fuel efficiency of automobiles. Reducing your own weight is an excellent way to improve fuel efficiency, and ways to reduce the weight of your car include improved structures and lightweight materials. The former has roughly come to an end, and only the latter has potential to be tapped. This provides a good opportunity for the development and application of new foam aluminum materials.

Foreign studies have shown that the rigidity of the automobile frame is strengthened by using the components made of the new foam aluminum material. In automobile manufacturing, about 20% of the body structure can be made of new foam aluminum materials. A medium-sized car made of foam aluminum parts can reduce the weight of about 27.2 kg, while simplifying the structural system and reducing the number of parts by at least 1/3 , reducing car costs. The new aluminum foam material is a good energy absorber, and the energy absorbed per unit volume can reach 6-9M J. The strong energy absorption capacity shows its superiority as a buffer material for automobile bumpers. The use of suitable elements made of new foam aluminum materials in the impact area of ​​the car can control the deformation of large energy consumption, and the use of new foam aluminum materials for deformable materials in the front and rear of the passenger seat of the car can also improve safety.
The imported new foamed aluminum material is heat-resistant and flame-retardant, and at the same time, it will not release toxic gases when heated, so the use of new foamed aluminum materials in transportation vehicles to replace foamed plastic or foamed resin materials can improve service life and reduce Maintenance also eliminates the harmful gases produced by traditional materials in vehicle accidents, greatly reducing losses and casualties in traffic accidents, and also plays a role in environmental protection.
The imported new foam aluminum material is made by adding additives to pure aluminum or aluminum alloy, and it is made by foaming process, and it has the characteristics of metal and bubbles at the same time. The new foam aluminum material has low density, high impact absorption ability, high temperature resistance, strong fire resistance, corrosion resistance, high electromagnetic shielding, strong weather resistance, filtering ability, easy processing, easy installation, high forming accuracy, and can be surface coated Pack.