Photocatalyst nickel foam
The use of new materials known as the cross-century —- nano-TiO2 and advanced production processes produced. The product in ordinary light, especially under ultraviolet light, can produce a strong catalytic activity, many toxic and harmful pollutants oxidation and decomposition into CO2, H2O and other non-toxic harmless substances, to achieve deodorant antibacterial purposes. In addition, under ultraviolet light, the filter can be automatically regenerated, can be used repeatedly for a long time.
Photocatalysts in visible light can produce more than 99% of formaldehyde and organic matter decomposition effect, and because the process is the use of contact – catalytic oxidation principle, the catalyst components play a media role, so the photocatalyst composition will hardly change, so it can be used long-term without any treatment.

Product Specifications:

Continuous Nickel Foam
Purity ≥ 99%
Porosity ≥ 95%
Pore Size 75PPI to 130PPI
Thickness (0.5 to 2.5) ± 0.05 mm
Areal density (280 to 1500)±30g/m²
Tensile Strength Longitudinal ≥ 1.25N/mm² Transverse≥ 1.00N/mm²
Elongation Longitudinal≥ 5% Horizontal ≥ 12%
Maximum width 930

Product Feature:
Nickel foam is a sound absorbing material with high performance. It has a high sound absorption coefficient at high frequencies, and its sound absorption performance can be improved at low frequencies through the design of sound absorption structure. Nickel foam is also one of the best electrode materials for producing cadmium nickel batteries and hydrogen nickel batteries.

Product Application
Exhaust gas purifier carrier materials, battery electrode materials, all kinds of catalyst carrier, especially for high temperature resistance and acid and alkali corrosion filtering material, the surface of the infrared burner materials, all kinds of industrial and civil heating material drying equipment,etc .